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We can assist you with any residential pest issue you are having and are here to protect your home and family from annoying pests.

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Home Pest Control Elk Grove, CA

General pest control in Elk Grove offers quality residential pest control services that can help you maintain a pest-free home. If you are in need of a one-time treatment, monthly, quarterly or annual treatment, we’re your pest control company! No matter the pest you are battling, we can help you.

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Residential Pest Control

We often see an increase in residential pest needs during certain seasons and less likely during the winter because most pests will hide during this season. Spring up until Winter are the peak times for pest control services. The Elk Grove area, as we have discovered, has had an increase in bed bugs, spiders and termites. Even if your pest is not one of the three, we can help.

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Reliable & Effective Pest Solutions

Some pests are harmless and some can be very dangerous to have in your home. This includes spiders and roaches. Some spiders are poisonous and roaches carry a disease that can easily be spread to humans. Protect your loved ones by contacting one of our residential pest control exterminators today to eliminate your pest problem right away.

residential pest control

Thorough Pest Inspections for Your Elk Grove Home

Termites are a very common problem throughout Elk Grove and can become an expensive pest issue to have if left untreated. If you are unsure of what pest you are dealing with, or know and need quality service to effectively remove them, call for pest control in Elk Grove at (916) 660-5026 today!

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