Elk Grove Rodent Control

Anyone that has ever had to deal with rats or mice understands the need for professional rodent control when you discover a potential rat or mouse problem in your home or business. Rodents can be a nuisance to have in your home and they can cause a lot of damage if left untreated.

Rats & Mice Exterminator

Rats and mice will chew through anything that stands in their way of food, even if they only think there is food on the other side. They are known to collect food and other materials to build their nests. This is one way people often notice they have a rodent problem.

Discovering a nest or droppings is often the first sign of a rat or mouse problem. Also, if you notice things being chewed this is most likely from a rodent.

When you suspect you have a problem with these particular critters it’s important that you address it right away. They can cause expensive repairs and some can transmit diseases to humans.

Rodent Prevention and Removal

We can handle your rodent problem right away! These uninvited guests will often stay in areas where we are unable to easily reach. Such areas include underneath appliances, furniture, and any small crevice or hole they find in your home. They could even create their own entry to an area, causing even more damage to your home.

If you think you might have one or several in your home, give our rodent control experts a call today. We can safely take care of the issue and offer one-time, quarterly and annually treatments so we have something for everyone and take pride in our affordable rodent control services. Give us a call at (916) 660-5026 today to see what we can do to help.